Carpet cleaning



Carpet Cleaning: Dirt and soil are easily seen on a hard surface and soon wipe off, but on carpet it can soon work its way deep into the fibers where the abrasive action will cause them to deteriorate and need replacing prematurely. We offer only the best Carpet Cleaning methods and use only the safest, most effective products. Carpets are treated with non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking brand new!



Upholstery Cleaning: Our upholstery cleaning service will make your furniture, and the room that it occupies, look brand new again. Removing stains, soiling, dust mites, and allergens is a great way to refresh your living space. And, as with all of our cleaning services, it’s completely safe for kids and pets. Don’t buy a new sofa or couch when we can clean your furniture for a fraction of the cost. Our upholstery cleaning is fast, quick, and extremely effective–that’s why we have so many satisfied customers.



Mattress Cleaning: Is your mattress making you sick and tired? It’s entirely possible condering the toxins, allergens, and soil that lurks beneath the surface of your bedding. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so having your mattress professionally deep cleaned can make a significant impact on your health.
But we can help restore your mattress back to like-new condition. That means ridding your bed of dust-mites, the dead skin cells they feed on, and any other allergens or harmful organisms.



Tile And Grout Cleaning: No more back breaking tile and grout cleaning with a scrub brush and detergent, Clean Sweep LA uses state of the art equipment to bring the original shine back to your tile and grout. The deep powerful grout cleaning process extracts dirt and grime from surfaces leaving your floors looking clean and great. Our tile and grout cleaning process can make your home or business look like new!



Hardwood Floor Cleaning: Do your hardwood floors appear rough, dirty, scratched with lack of shine? Avoid spending thousands of dollars and being displaced from your home for weeks by trying our sandless floor refinishing process. Within one day you will be able to walk on your floors, enjoy your home and spend less than half the price of sanding your hard wood floors!