Mold Remediation

mold remediation

Mold is capable of growing within 48-72 hours after a water leak. If you were not aware of a water leak in your home, the odds of mold being present can be fairly high. Mold can be found in ceilings, walls, carpets, crawl spaces, basements and other locations, there are thousands of different species of molds and more than a hundred of those have been scientifically proven to be toxic to human health.

It’s therefore very important to remediate any mold in your property right away to protect you from the harmful aspects of mold and fungus growing in your walls that cause illness.

Because mold contains toxic substances called mycotoxins that cause severe health problems, killing molds or drying them is simply not enough. Every day, people experience sick symptoms and reactions such as dizziness, nausea, weakness, sleepiness, headaches and prolonged flu-like symptoms because of mold.

We remove the mold and completely eliminate it because even dead mold can cause serious illness. We are IICRC CERTIFIED and use state of the art equipment and follow industry standard guidelines for Mold Remediation so you can rest easy knowing you have professionals in your home who will get the job done right.