Rug Cleaning



 When it comes to Rug cleaning we use a very thorough and comprehensive process to ensure that your rug is completely cleaned. We remove as much dirt and dust from the rugs before we begin the rinsing process. If we see that your rug may bleed, we will perform what is called a dry cleaning.When it comes to stains please note, that some stains (Such as pet stains) may not be removed since they may permanently change the color of the wool.
If the rug smells and has pet odour, we will neutralize the odour and completely remove the smell. If you notice that your pet has or is using the restroom on a particular area of the rug, we suggest that you reach out to us ASAP to have it cleaned. Also, feel free to contact us and ask about our pick-up and delivery service. We will not only pick up the rug but once it is completely cleaned we will drop it off at your location.