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Paul S.

Sherman Oaks, CA  
I hired Clean Sweep LA to clean my new house before I moved in. Although it was new construction, there was a lot of dust and dirt from the contractors and from several months of open houses. Two women arrived on time and gave me an estimate of how long it would take to complete the job. The office manager soon followed up with a phone call to confirm the number of hours and the price.

The women finished the job early and then offered to do some additional cleaning that I hadn’t thought of, which was very helpful. They did a great job with the work and were friendly and courteous. Not only would I hire them again, I already have: They are cleaning my old house, now that I’ve moved out, to get it ready for the next tenants. I highly recommend this company.

Kevin S.

Sherman Oaks, CA  

After going through several housekeepers from a referral service I decided to try a cleaning service instead. I picked Clean Sweep LA based on their Yelp reviews.

They did a deep clean 2 weeks ago. We have about a 3,000 sf house and it took 6 hours for two people. They move quickly, however they are thorough.

They spent a lot of time in the master bathroom and the kitchen. They also dusted behind furniture in places that usually are forgotten. When they were done the house smelled and looked clean and the laundry was done and put away.

My only two concerns were the wood floor and their vacuum. They bring everything, however their vacuum isn’t really meant for carpet and didn’t do a great job. The wood floors need to be cleaned properly with a cleaning solution that I have, rather than whatever it is that they used.

HOWEVER – the cleaning and office staff are VERY responsive and easy to communicate with, so the problems were easily solved for the next weekly cleaning. The weekly cleaning only took 3 hours and cost about the same as hiring a housekeeper to come for an entire day once a week. We will continue to use Clean Sweep LA for weekly cleaning.

Delila z.

Los Angeles, CA

I usually clean my own apartment but have been so busy I haven’t been able to manage a thorough cleaning in a couple months.

Two very nice women from Clean Sweep came this morning and did a fast and fabulous job.  It would have taken me all day (which I don’t have) to do what they did. Very happy.

Rim B.

Santa Monica, CA  

I moved to a new place a month ago and did not realize how much work it will need to get the place shiny and clean… Let’s say that I couldn’t face the challenge… between work…my family coming soon to visit … I needed Help!

Clean Sweep transformed my apartment into the Clean, fresh and shinny apartment I wanted. They made the miracle happen in 3 hours. The two women who came where really nice and listened to all the details I explained. I will definitely call Clean Sweep for HELP again!

Clement C.

Los Angeles, CA  

Just had our 3BR/2 bath apt cleaned and it was a great experience.  Sara and Jacky did a great job and were very friendly and detail-oriented with their cleaning.

Thank you!

Donna l.

Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 

So great! I had a tragically last minute request to clean my apartment before I moved in. It was a total mess, but Clean Sweep sent the lovely Anna and Gladis to help me out. They were fantastic, and worked around the movers and me as we were bringing boxes and furniture into the house. My house is sparkling, despite the fact I just had a huge move yesterday. Customer service was absolutely fantastic, and they kept in touch with me through the whole process, even when I couldn’t be there myself. I cannot say enough nice things about these folk. Yay!

Maya L.

Culver City, CA  

We had to get our 2B/ 2Bathroom apartment cleaned up and ready for our landlord before we handed over our keys since our lease was up. I called a few weeks prior and was informed by Shelli that we had an appointment.

I never received a confirmation though so I freaked out on Monday morning when I was sitting in my apartment waiting for a phone call.

Evelyn and her daughter (I’m so sorry I forgot her name!!) came in and asked what the story was and after explaining everything and telling them that as students we were a bit concerned about how long it was going to take, they promptly took a look around and then asked if three hours was okay for our budget before calling the company to inform them.

OMG, these guys had so many set-backs happening on them, but they still managed to make the place look sooo much better than my roommate and I were able to do. They even asked us to look around for the last half an hour and point out things that they missed so that they could work on it. Seriously, they scraped off mildew off of grouted area in the bathrooms, and even scrubbed little stains that I never saw since the mattress covered it. Awesome, I seriously love these ladies for such an amazing job AND for being so helpful throughout the entire process.

I will definitely be calling at some point again and requesting these ladies.

Julie Y.

Glendale, CA  

I found Clean Sweep LA Maids on yelp. At first I was skeptical about their service but they are really great. Team of two ppl came , mother and daughter, and worked in my new place for four hours. They brought their own cleaning products so that was very convenient. They make sure you’re satisfied with how they clean, ask you if you like it, and if you don’t, they clean until you’re satisfied. I’ll definitely use them again!

Mike C.

Santa Monica, CA

Imagine for a moment, a bathroom with shower that has been utilized every day for 18 months and never cleaned. Add to that a refrigerator, kitchenette, and the rest of a studio loft inhabited by a 20 yr old.

Mold, grunge so thick in the shower it was like cement that looked like it needed a scraper to remove, all sorts of colored stains, and not being able to tell that the inside of the fridge should have been white. The bathroom looked worse than a Shell station at a freeway rest stop that’s never been cleaned.

This was the state of a unit next to me I acquired for office expansion in my loft building.

Clean Sweep sent out 2 people to tackle the job and had it done in 4 hours (It certainly would have been a whole weekend’s worth of work for me).

The place is immaculate now. They did everything, right down to the last detail of baseboards, air conditioner filter (also never been cleaned), all glass, even the railings on the outside balcony.

I will definitely be using them frequently for both office units.

Joe M.

Los Angeles, CA  

Clean Sweep was excellent!  We called them last minute and they were able to come out and deep clean the areas we wanted and still had time to vacuum the rest of the house.

We had a simply excellent time, and I’m calling them again for a total clean ASAP!

Clean Sweep transformed my apartment into the Clean, fresh and shinny apartment I wanted. They made the miracle happen in 3 hours. The two women who came where really nice and listened to all the details I explained. I will definitely call Clean Sweep for HELP again!

Michelle N.

Los Angeles, CA  

I just used Clean Sweep for the first time and they are as great as everyone says they are. I was able to make an appointment with a few day’s notice, the two very nice cleaners arrived on time, and did the job exactly as they said they would.  They even had a checklist to prioritize tasks and make sure we were on the same page about what they could do in the allotted time frame. The customer service with the main office was excellent too. They called to follow-up after the cleaners arrived in the morning, to confirm the agreed time frame, and then again at the end to make sure everything went well.

Will definitely use again. They really seem to care about doing a good job and establishing a relationship with their customers. Nothing but good things to say..

Thank you!

Amy L.

Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 

These folks cleaned my house yesterday, and left it shining. Floors, cabinets, bathtub, fridge…all dust-free and sparkling. Scott in the office is professional and pleasant, and Eva and her co-worker were prompt, nice, and clearly conscientious. Best cleaning service I’ve dealt with yet.

Tracee P.

Sherman Oaks, CA, CA 

After purchasing a LivingSocial special for Martha Maids back in February and still never being able to get a hold of anyone to schedule an appointment, I finally gave up and got a refund. The only problem was that my place was still a hot mess and I am on a tight budget. I called around other cleaning services and they were way too expensive. So, I   was resolved to live amongst the mess and wait for the next episode of Hoarders, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about my place. But, then i found Clean Sweep LA!

I was on my way to pick up a customer on Sepulveda and Greenleaf when I noticed one of those signs that you see all over town with a real good offer and just a phone number. The sign read ” Two Maids 45.00 an hour!”, I was like wow, too good to be true right. So, I put the number in my phone and I didn’t realize it but I had dialed it. A couple of hours later I noticed that I had a message from Laura stating that she was sorry that she missed my call, and if I had any questions to please give her a call. I was impressed that, she had the gumption to call me back, even though  I hadn’t left a message! I was like whoa, why didn’t I hear my phone ring, but I have AT&T, so I was probably somewhere, any where in LA that my iphone seems to lose service (thanks AT&T)!

In any event, I called Laura back and asked her about the service. She was very professional and gave me a breakdown of the service. Yes, it was 45.00 an hour for two maids with a two hour minimum. I knew it would take more than two hours to clean my place and she said no problem, that when the ladies arrived they would look it over, call the office to let them know how long it would take and she would call me and I would decide what I wanted done from there. So, with that said, I set up an appointment for the next day, Saturday at 8:00 am.

The ladies arrived a little late, but so what, who wants to get up let alone be any where by 8:00 am on a Saturday? Once they came in, I fully expected for them to run out screaming into the street yelling expletives in Spanish, but they didn’t!  They called the office with an estimate of how long it was going to take, I will not say how long, but it wasn’t in the price range at the moment, so I told the office that I wanted them for three hours to clean, the living room, dining area two bathrooms and the kitchen.  I would leave the bedrooms for later.

Three hours later, my place looks great, my stove was so clean that I had forgotten that it was white. They cleaned the inside of the fridge and there were a couple of science experiments going on in there let me tell you! The outside of the fridge would have been cleaned, but I have so many magnets on it that, I told them not to bother. They washed and put away my dishes, for the most part there where things that got left out and it is only because I have so much stuff that I needed to do it. The kitchen floor was swept, vacuumed, and mopped! The counters sparkled.

In the bathrooms, she was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor and baseboards! The stubborn soap scum that coats the shower doors was eradicated and I swear, they were cleaner then they were when I first moved in! Did, I mention that they cleaned behind the toilets and cleaned the cabinets and the walls!

The living room and dining area furniture was dusted and polished to a wonderful shine.The window sills were dusted and clean as were the baseboards!  They made sure, they cleaned under my couches the the dining room table, and thoroughly vacuumed the living and dining area.

I am so very happy with the end result, there is still work to be done, but it looks so much better now, that I can actually breathe. I work way too hard and work too many hours as a cabdriver to keep my house clean, besides I suck at house cleaning any way. So,to find someone that will not just clean your house, but do it right, at such a reasonable price is a wonderful thing.

I will definitely be using their services again, after all, I still have two bedrooms to clean and I have to maintain the wonderful job they did! I hope this review is helpful and you call them up and make an appointment. Be sure to mention my name so I can get credit for the referral!

Naomi P.

Los Angeles, CA 

Who would’ve thought that a cleaning service would prompt me to write my first review ever in Yelp!

Anyways, long story short, this is the first time ever i’ve used a cleaning service. I usually don’t believe in throwing money away for something you can do yourself, but the maids at Clean Sweep LA have converted me!

The bf and I decided to host an impromptu party this Friday, and we didn’t have the time or energy to clean during the week as both of us work long hours. The bathroom was just a mess, and the kitchen floors were sticky and gross and we had a bunch of dishes to do – definitely would’ve been a 3-hour tiring ordeal to clean the place on my own. Sooo, I placed a call to Clean Sweep LA on Wednesday morning and they were easily able to accomodate me the very next day.

At exactly 5.15PM as we agreed on, two maids showed up with a pleasant attitude and all sorts of cleaning supplies. They looked at my place and estimated that it would take two hours to clean. The office then called me and I gave them my card info over the phone. The bf and I then left for dinner, left them a tip and asked them to lock the door on their way out.

Three hours later when we get back, the place is SPOTLESS. Like, think HOTEL clean. I’ve never seen my place so impeccable! They literally did all my dishes, scrubbed the bathroom down, cleaned up the fridge, arranged the shoes in my walk-in and took out all the trash. And it only cost $90! Oh, and I had left a bunch of valuables out, but these people are very trust-worthy and nothing is missing.

From now on, I will likely do quick cleans on my own for my apt, but use Clean Sweep every 1.5 months or so for deep cleaning. It’s such a nice treat to come back to a spotless apartment – definitely try them!

D Nicole I.

Sherman Oaks, CA 

I was really surprised to see some recent negative reviews of Clean Sweep.  I guess these people didn’t have Gladys and Anna come clean their place!  I was extremely happy with the job they did in my 2bd 2ba apartment.  The place was not messy, I made sure to pick up all clutter before so they could work with no hassle,  but the kitchen and bathrooms definitely needed a “deep clean.”  I was quoted 5 hours, which was more than what I had hoped to spend, but I knew that the place needed it and I was not about to skimp on time and $ at this point.   These women were fantastic.  First of all, they were extremely friendly and listened to any special instructions I had.  I left for 4 hours and came back for the final hour they were cleaning. For years I have been trying to get the hard water stains off the glass shower doors, to no avail.  Somehow, they managed to do so.  The bathroom was fresh and clean and the only problem  I would have, which I did not notice until after they left, was that they must have scrubbed the inside of the toilet with a brillo pad and not a normal bowl brush because there are a ton of light grey scratches all circling the inside of the bowl.  My toilet wasn’t even dirty enough to warrant anything but a normal bowl brush and didn’t have rings or stains, so I’m not sure why that happened.

The job they did on the kitchen was fantastic.  My stove that had been stained from cooking was now back to sparkling white.  The counters & sink were shiny.  They cleaned inside the cabinets and inside the fridge.  I have a faux hardwood looking floor in the kitchen and again, didn’t realize until after they left  that they only swept it and didn’t mop it.  I would have loved to have it mopped, but they probably thought they were real wood floors.  Next time, I will just let them know.

The best surprise was that they cleaned my disgusting dirty  patio window and filthy dusty screen door that I had given up on in the past.  I didn’t even think to ask them to clean the patio / sliding doors/ screen and they did it on their own!  Just the previous week I had been trying to figure out how the hell does one clean a huge screen door when you live in an upper floor apartment?  I told them I didn’t even realize I couldn’t see well out of the sliding glass windows until she cleaned the windows and screen and everything was sparkling clear.  She managed to clean the screen!  yay!  She then walked me around the apartment to show the work they did and made sure everything was okay.

I really appreciated the communication they had with me as a client and the care and work they did for the day.  Nothing better than a fresh clean home to put a smile on your face and take a weight off your back!  Thanks ladies!

Lisa May F.

Los Angeles, CA 

I just signed a lease for my new apartment and took the apartment “as is”, which means that the last tenant and property owner didn’t take care of the place before I moved. So before I decided to move in, I wanted a thorough clean-down since the place looked run down and messy! Clean Sweep arrived early and within 2 hours, made my apartment look brand spanking new. I highly recommend the Clean Sweep for anyone looking for a cleaning service in the LA area. The cleaners were on point!

Ji Young H.

Los Angeles, CA 

I have used three different cleaning services at my new place and they all let me down for different reasons. Finally, I think I’ve found the right people; the crews from Clean Sweep LA were punctual, got everything on my checklist done on time, were extremely professional, responsible, proactive, polite, you name it. Above all, it was stress-free from the beginning, middle, and end. I was able to make an appointment at my first phone call. When the cleaning crews left, the manager called me to follow up and check if I was satisfied with their service. They do care about their business and I would like to use them in the future.

Chris J.

Pacoima, CA 

I have used a lot of cleaning services, but this one is by far, the best.  The scheduling was simple. They can even come on Saturdays. The ladies are really nice and professional. They are very accommodating to whatever you want done. The ladies do not move things around, so you don’t have to go on a search for where they put things (which is helpful for my mom because she doesn’t have the patience to look for things). They are awesome with my young children.

After they are done, my house always feels fresh and clean. One of the best things is that before they started cleaning they call the office.  The office called me back with an estimate.  That way I knew how much I was going to be paying before they started cleaning…no surprises, no hidden fees, no “got-cha’s”.

Great service all around.

Ben W.

Studio City, CA 

I used to have a regular cleaning service prior to relocating to California, and that service was top notch.  I have finally found a company that exceeds my expectations here.

Simply put – if you’re looking for an AMAZING cleaning service – this is it!  I had a less than stellar experience with another company prior to this, and researched other companies…  I read the reviews on Clean Sweep LA, and decided to give them a shot.  The customer service (a gentleman I can’t remember his name), and Laura were an absolute pleasure to interact with.  I initially emailed my request for service and received a prompt call back. The day of service, I received a call to confirm arrival. Customer service was truly exceptional – thank you!

As for the cleaning itself – if you want your place (I think someone else mentioned it) – “hotel clean” (i.e., sparkling clean) then you’re choosing the right company.  I came back to an impeccable place with every small detail, well, detailed!  The cleaning crew was AMAZING (according to my friend who was here while I was at work) – they were friendly, professional, and did an absolutely fantastic job.  Attention to detail (from someone who has high expectations as it is) was top notch.  A++  I will DEFINITELY be a returning customer and recommend Clean Sweep to my friends.

Eve S.

Los Angeles, CA 

I was getting a renovated 1930’s duplex ready for move in, and by the time I was done with new plumbing, electrical, patching, painting, etc, it was a grimy mess. I called, they scheduled me for the day I wanted, gave me an estimate, AND gave me a nice YELP discount. The two women arrived on time, I took them on a quick tour, and they went to work! I got a call from the office saying that their estimate would be 4 hours, which was exactly what I thought it would take, so we were on the same page. The two women (very nice people by the way..) worked without pausing, scrubbing, wiping, vacuuming, mopping. They bring their own supplies, which was important to me because i was not occupying the unit yet, so I did not have stuff there. Also, the building is so old, there is just old stuff that cannot come off, like old paint stains, etc, and they just forged ahead and did their best. PLUS, our workers were not done on schedule and these women had to work around some last minute painters and wiring, and a locksmith, but they did it without complaint, not the easiest job for them. I was impressed. They finished in exactly 4 hours, and the place looked good!  ($187 for 4 hours/2 workers/brought their own supplies, plus we were sure to give a nice tip.) They e mail you a receipt right away.

** NOTE: I called them back and had a crew come and clean the second unit of the duplex after the workers finished there, same good results, right on time, repeat of the same good service!

April A.

Pasadena, CA 

Clean Sweep LA is excellent! They sent 2 maids to help clean at an event at the Hollywood Tower benefiting the Women Like Us Organization. The maids were very attentive to our needs and did such a great job! We are very thankful for Clean Sweep LA for their amazing staff and professionalism. We highly recommend them! Thank You Clean Sweep LA !!

Tammy G.

Los Angeles, CA 

Fantastic. They came, they saw, they conquered. Very friendly staff, great communication, and very, very professional. Have already used them twice for a large office. Highly recommended!

Yujung K.

Los Angeles, CA 

Exellent service!

Reasonable price!

Friendly cleaning ladies!

my husband and i are just moved in a new house and we searched this company. we really liked their service 🙂

China C.

Los Angeles, CA 

Ive never used a cleaning company before so I don’t know what’s cheap or expensive but my overall experience was awesome. I saw their ad one day which was basically a truck with a billboard ad. They posted only their number and read 2 maids for $45 hr. Our landlord remodeled our bathroom while we were on vacation and when we got back, dust everywhere! So I called and had explained to me theres a 2 hr min and might take longer depending on how big my place is. Customer service was great and the 2 ladies that came by were very friendly and did an amazing job. They cleaned not only the surface area, but cleaned inside the fridge, my trash, took out the trash, my daughters bottles, and my patio. Loved it!

Nikki W.

Rockford, IL 

Very nice ladies. Exactly 6 hours. On time and actually were outside for 20min and waited. They were nice and making jokes. House looks great!!!!

Thank you 🙂


Los Angeles, CA 

Tried a couple cleaning services, and these guys were the best! I have a very messy 1 bedroom apartment. They really made it spectacular to come home to. I have to call them again! Right now!

K C.

Brentwood, CA 

We have used them several times. They do a great deep cleaning and also a great pre or post party clean up. I had a mom and daughter team and also another team of ladies. Both times, they did an awesome job. Beware, the hours can add up fast and it is not inexpensive to use this service, they have a very strict 24 hr cancellation policy and also they cannot guarantee the same team to come on a regular basis even though they told me they would. But they are all very well trained great cleaners and curtious. They also will use either your products or their own. I would highly recommend them.

Rafal S.

Los Angeles, CA 

On time, on budget a did a good job cleaning, especially on such short notice. Thank you!

Marlan H.

North Hollywood, CA 

An excellent service. Efficient, effective, focused, and pleasant. They were on time and they were thorough. I am supremely pleased with the service I got for the price that I was charged. And they didn’t steal or break any of my stuff. I would recommend this company to anyone.


Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 

Amazing. The best my place has looked. I originally hired “we clean America” because of the cheap price and deal in valpak, but after I read the horrifying reviews of them i cancelled. I wanted a company I could trust and decided it was worth it to pay more. I am soooo glad I did. They deep cleaned my bathroom, kitchen, organized my closet, washed and hung up/folded about 3-4 weeks worth of laundry I let pile up. They are incredible. One complaint is that one if the guys on the phone was a little rude but I wasn’t a peach to deal with since I wasn’t sure what wanted. Laura at the office was sooo kind and helpful. It’s pricier than some places you’d find but I would do it again in a heartbeat because it was so thorough. The ladies that cleaned were very sweet. They were there at 8am sharp because i had to go to work and got right down to business. Nothing was missing or broken, just perfectly arranged. My only regret is that I forgot to leave a tip!!! I am recommending them to everyone and I am a life coach and plan to have my clients who are struggling to stay organized use them as well!

Sara G.

Hancock Park, CA 

professional, great customer service, and a clean house in the end. will definitely use them again.