Why Choose Us?

At Clean Sweep LA, our staff of Cleaning Technicians are NOT Sub Contractors or Independent Contractors.

Our staff is comprised of professional Residential/Commercial Cleaning Technicians that are employees rather than independent contractors, providing protection for our clients. Many customers don’t realize that if they hire an independent cleaner/sub-contractor (not a legitimate business), they are the customer and the employer. They will be responsible for paying payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation for that illegitimate worker. Why take that chance!

Our employees are trained with experienced managers before they are sent to your home or business. For our client’s peace of mind, each employee agrees to be background checked. Our company is fully insured.

With Clean Sweep LA you can be confident that the person that comes into your home or business have been trained, background checked and are properly covered so you are not responsible if an incident were to take place.


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